Medical Record Errors: How Perceived Efficiencies Can Cause More Harm Than Good

Each day it seems as if we’re once again alerted to medical record errors incidents. Reports showed in 2014 that preventable medical errors are the 3rd largest killer in the U.S. At 400,000 deaths each year, it’s definitely not something to ignore. These errors, as The Journal of Patient Safety explains, are Preventable Adverse Events […]

Report Lists “Security Hacking” as Top Threat to Medical Patients

Medical patients face many risks, from dirty hospital mattresses to surgical supplies left in the body, but the most serious threat comes in the form of security hacking. This is the assessment of the ECRI Institute, which recently published a report on significant health hazards. Among the 10 hazards that patients should fear the most, […]

Thinking Critically About Healthcare Documentation (Medication Transcription)

Clinical Information Managers, commonly regarded as medical scribes, play a vital role in the 360 Transcription system, allowing clinicians and physicians to be more efficient in the real-time documentation of patient encounters. The need for electronic health records (EHRs) to complement our nation’s medical care industry has never been greater. Professionals of many kinds give value to […]

How A Private Medical Practice Can Benefit From Medical Transcription Services

Opening a private medical practice takes a lot of work and dedication. You have to obtain regulations, secure equipment, market your business and more. The To-Do list is going to be long when opening a new practice. The doctor should not be in charge of carrying out every task. For example, transcribing medical reports are something […]