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Our transcriptionists provide reliable 24/7 coverage for all our clients and our turnaround time is under 12 hours. Guaranteed.

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We can download your transcriptions directly to your case management software or legal database.

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All voice and data files are transferred via a secure connection that protects confidential information, and client privacy and adheres to legal standards.


Choose 360 Transcription for all your legal transcription needs. We provide quick and accurate transcription for court proceedings, legal meetings, and various legal documents. Our team also offers proofreading, copy editing, and voice recognition clean-up. Rely on 360 Transcription for efficient, cost-effective legal transcription services.

Court Proceedings Transcription

  • Court Hearings Transcription
  • Depositions Transcription
  • Trial Proceedings Transcription
  • Legal Briefs Transcription
  • Arbitrations Transcription
  • Client Interviews Transcription
  • Witness Statements Transcription

Legal Meetings and Discussions Transcription

  • Police Interrogations Transcription
  • Pleadings Transcription
  • Legal Memorandums Transcription
  • Administrative Hearings Transcription
  • Legal Conferences Transcription
  • Meeting Minutes Transcription
  • Affidavits Transcription

Documentation and Testimonies Transcription

  • Court Orders Transcription
  • Motion Hearings Transcription
  • Legal Dictations Transcription
  • Case Summaries Transcription
  • Discovery Documents Transcription
  • Expert Testimonies Transcription