The Challenges and Rewards of Medical Transcription

The Background on Medical Transcription Ever since we began writing, humans have kept track of medical information. With time, the tracking systems began to improve, and it became imperative that medical data be kept in order to do research and to improve healthcare. For several years, doctors would dictate their own reports with shorthand, but […]

Do Right with Your Transcription

What is the Deal with Medical Transcription? The medical field is one of the best fields to work in. Regardless of where you live, there is always a need for medical professionals. A medical transcriptionist is a medical professional who never touches patients. Medical transcriptionist work closely with physicians and other healthcare professionals. In order […]

Here’s How Transcription Works

What is Medical Transcription? Medical transcription is a process that involves transcribing recorded voice reports that are generally made by a healthcare professional. These are voice files that are taken in order to be put into a patient’s medical records. Medical transcriptions are extremely important; not only can they be a huge part of a […]

Where To Find Precise Translation Services

Why Transcription? Medical and legal files that are dictated need to be put into written format in order for them to be used in medical or legal reports. Since medical and legal professionals are in high demand, time is of the essence when it comes to their workload. When these professionals do a dictation, they […]

Interested in Medical Transcription?

What does a Medical Transcriptionist Do? Medical transcriptionists convert voice recordings into written medical reports. The original voice dictation is done by a medical professional. Generally, healthcare professionals make a dictation about a medical visit that they carried out. Medical transcriptionists listen to the dictation and convert it into a written document. Medical transcriptionists are […]

WebChartMD’s New Features & Mobile App Integrates with 360

360 partners with WebChartMD to make voice recognition option available for customers to use. 360 Transcription is a licensee with WebChartMD which is the platform 360 uses for control workload and for HIPAA-compliant transferring of audio and report documents. WebChart has been busy lately adding in new features on the portal and also creating a […]

How To Get The Most Accurate IME

What Is an Independent Medical Exam Transcription? An IME is an evaluation that is considered a complete review of the medical history of a patient. This global evaluation is performed by a physician who is not the primary care physician of the patient. This report has a legal component to it, and it is generally […]

Medical and Legal Transcription Services

When you need medical and legal transcription work completed, quality matters. Our transcription services provide you with both the high accuracy and quick turnaround time that you’re looking for. By outsourcing your medical and legal transcription, you gain several advantages to keeping your typing needs in-house. When you hire a high-quality, professional medico legal transcription […]

Ways to Save Money on Medical Transcription Services

It might be odd that a company providing medical transcriptionists is giving you tips to save money, but our purpose at 360 Transcription is to offer you the kind of service that makes you want to tell your colleagues about us—can’t go wrong with a win/win scenario! Develop a Style Guide—or Let us at 360 Transcription Handle […]

How to Stop Identify Theft in the World of Medical Information Management

One of the consequences for the rapid advancements in health data tech, we at 360 Transcription can tell you, is the rise in cybercrime, insurance or identity fraud and patient misidentification. One strategy to prevent these problems is to provide health information management (HIM) specialists and healthcare professionals with suggestions to make sure every patient who walks […]