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$100 Credit for New IME & QME Clients

360’s new Independent Medical Examination- IME and Qualified Medical Examination- QME clients will receive as much as a $100 Credit on independent medical evaluations completed by 360 transcriptionists after completing your first paid report.

FREE EMR Interface

NEW Clients! Choose 360 Transcription and get comprehensive EMR Interface! This process is automatic and seamless, happening “behind the scenes.”

Medical FREE Trial

For healthcare providers new to 360 services, we offer up to 500 FREE lines of transcription. Also includes free setup, phone-in dictation system, and training after completing your first paid report.

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For potential clients in various industries (business, law, insurance, education, etc.), 360 will give you up to 15 FREE audio minutes after you’ve completed your first paid project with us. We are confident that you’ll be back for more!

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