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Our transcriptionists provide reliable 24/7 coverage for all our clients and our turnaround time is under 12 hours. Guaranteed.

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We can download your information directly to your EHR - EMR platform. Even straight to your patient's chart.

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All voice and data files are transferred via a secure connection that protects confidential information, patient privacy and is HIPAA compliant.


Choose 360 Transcription for all your medical transcription needs. We provide quick and accurate transcription for clinical documentation, diagnostic and treatment records, and specialized medical reports. Our team also offers proofreading, copy editing, and voice recognition clean-up. Rely on 360 Transcription for efficient, cost-effective medical transcription services.

Clinical Documentation Transcription

  • Patient Histories Transcription
  • Physical Examinations Transcription
  • Consultation Reports Transcription
  • Discharge Summaries Transcription
  • Progress Notes Transcription
  • Referral Letters Transcription
  • Operative Reports Transcription

Diagnostic and Treatment Transcription

  • Radiology Reports Transcription
  • Pathology Reports Transcription
  • Lab Reports Transcription
  • Treatment Plans Transcription
  • Medication Records Transcription
  • Diagnostic Test Results Transcription
  • Emergency Room Reports Transcription

Specialized Medical Transcription

  • Psychiatric Evaluations Transcription
  • Cardiology Reports Transcription
  • Oncology Reports Transcription
  • Neurology Reports Transcription
  • Orthopedic Reports Transcription
  • Surgery Reports Transcription
  • Rehabilitation Reports Transcription