360 Transcription is a WebChartMD licensee which enables you to take advantage of one of the easiest and most powerful mobile apps to make you and your staff more efficient. Available as part of our service at no additional cost.

WebChartMD Mobile App

Incredibly Easy Mobile Dictation.

Intuitive Design.  Simple screen layout makes dictating and sending audio files fast and easy.

​Patient Schedule Integration.  Healthcare providers click patient names on the schedule displayed, and dictate. It’s that easy.

​Ultra-Clear Recording.  WebChartMD uses high-quality .WAV format that is encrypted for HIPAA compliance.

​Biometric Security.  WebChartMD’s mobile app uses your iPhone’s built-in biometric face and fingerprint recognition for security – or use your own phone PIN for access.

Document Review & E-Signing, Simplified.

Editable Format.  Fully editable format with edits immediately available to all other users.  Document format preferences, like bold, italics, underlines, and font type, all display on screen.

​Tap To E-Sign.  The Actions bar gives healthcare providers quick easy to commonly used workflow tools, including e-signing.

​Fully Integrated.  Virtually any desktop feature of WebChartMD is available in the mobile app, such as changing demographics, accessing previously transcribed notes, returning a file for rework, viewing other folders, archiving, and much more.

WebChartMD Mobile App Transcription

Transcription WebChartMD Mobile App

A Mobile Desktop for Busy Managers.

Complete Workflow Access.  Access every folder in every  account, including the Workflow Manager screen.

​Full Functionality.  Perform virtually every task normally done from your desktop, such as monitoring TAT, routing files, accessing client folders, tracking MT activity, and much more.

​Customizable Display.  Over 40 different data fields in the Show / Hide tool lets users customize the mobile device’s limited screen space to best suit workflow needs.

QA Never Rests.

QA Whenever, Wherever.  Fully featured QA functionality lets editors and managers perform QA tasks like file review and submission to the client’s Inbox.

​Manage QA Routing.  See all work currently moving through QA and time remaining on TAT.  Change routing as needed to ensure on-time delivery.

​Robust Workflow Tools.  Edit demographics, listen to audio files, search legacy transcriptions, check QA audit trail and much more.

WebChartMD Mobile App - 360 Transcription