Medico-Legal Transcription

Medico-Legal Transcription

When accuracy is critical and time is of the essence, you can depend on 360 Transcription for all of your medico-legal transcription projects. Our team of transcription professionals has the education and experience in current medical and legal terminology. Our reputation for speed and accuracy precedes us. Our expertise speaks for itself.

Most important, our level of service is world-class. Your personal Account Manager is on hand to make certain that you receive the service you expect and deserve, from fast turnaround to 100% accuracy.

Workers’ Compensation Transcription

Workers’ Compensation cases have increased in cost, frequency, and complexity over the past few years. With that, the need for top-notch transcription services has grown as well. Workers’ Compensation cases also are sensitive matters, demanding the utmost in confidentiality. We utilize the latest in secure technology to ensure that private matters stay that way.

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IME Transcription

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is a medical opinion designed to be utilized in a legal proceeding. That’s why you need professional transcriptionists who are well-versed in both legal and medical terminology. The team at 360 Transcription understands both sides of the medico-legal coin, so you can be confident in the accuracy of our work, while still receiving the world-class service for which we are known.

Contact us today to learn more about 360 Transcription’s $150 credit for new IME clients.

Insurance Transcription

Not every transcription service can handle the complexities of the insurance industry.

360 Transcription can.

Even one insurance claim can result in thousands of pages of documentation. From adjuster’s notes to police reports and everything in-between, 360 Transcription can handle it all with the speed and accuracy that you require.

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Malpractice Transcription

Medical malpractice and negligence cases can span many years and thousands of documents. Few transcription firms are equipped to handle projects of that scale, let alone have the necessary expertise in both medical and legal terminology. 360 Transcription is your solution. Our expert team is equipped to handle a project of any size, while maintaining the standards of speed and accuracy that we are known for.

Contact us today to learn more about 360 Transcription’s $150 credit for new malpractice clients.

Why us?

  • We boast a 99.5% accuracy rate, among the highest in the transcription industry.
  • We utilize only the most secure, HIPAA-compliant technology.
  • We have the ability to transfer audio files and grant access to completed reports 24/7 from any computer.
  • Our professionally trained, experienced team is skilled in handling a vast array of regional dialects and accents.
  • Our account managers are dedicated to you. Their only goal is to make certain that you receive 360 Transcription’s world-class level of service, accuracy, and speed.


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