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This may seem like a rather random question, but it’s an important one to consider. One reason we say this is because of the many benefits associated with professional transcription-related services. Another reason we posed this question is because medical transcription isn’t the only possibility with outsourced transcription service. Below, we dive deeper in four of the most common options available today with transcription-related services so you can determine what’s suitable for your situation.

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Medical Transcription

While often utilized by private practice physicians, group practices, health clinics, hospitals, or elder care facilities, medical transcription is also beneficial in some non-medical situations. For instance, insurance providers specializing in workers’ compensation cases can benefit from transcribed third-party medical assessments. Medical-related transcription typically involves:

  • Patient observations or exams
  • Patient-specific records
  • Orally dictated patient progress notes
  • Patient or practice-related reports

EHR Transcription

EHR transcription is the transfer of audio information into electronic health records for specific patients. What’s unique about EHR transcription is that it needs to be done as per a set of established standards to ensure the transcribed data is conveniently accessible and consistent. Professional transcription for this purpose benefits medical clients by:

  • Improving EHR accuracy
  • Reducing the risk of penalties for EHR errors
  • Improving practice reputation by minimizing the risk for related billing or prescription errors
  • Maintaining patient privacy and safety

Document Transcription

Document transcription is the broadest service option with transcription-related services. It simply refers to the digital transcription of any audio recordings into specific types of documents. This list can include reports for specific purposes, financial records with certain format requirements, and even internal or external documents for specific clients or customers. Document transcription may also involve the transcription of handwritten documents into a computer application.

Business Transcription

Business transcription is the process of converting business-related audio files to digitally accessible ones. It’s an impressively flexible transcription service option that can benefit all types of businesses, from smaller operations and startups with staff and budget limitations to larger corporations and businesses. Transcription for this purpose can involve:

  • Transcriptions of business meetings
  • Audio transcriptions of seminars
  • Transcriptions of orally dictated client-specific information
  • Orally dictated letters or memos that need to be transcribed into text

Find Transcription Solutions Right for Your Needs Today

Still not sure what’s right for your transcription needs? It never hurts to reach out to a professional transcription company to get recommendations tailored to your needs. We also want to remind you there is a lot of flexibility with how the service options we discussed above can be provided. For some clients, this means outsourcing all transcription-related needs to ease internal staff burdens. However, you’re also welcome to get outsourced help only when it’s needed or as an enhancement to what your in-house staff is capable of doing. Another possibility is mixing and matching different types of transcription service options based on what’s appropriate for your practice or business at any given time.