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    EMR and EHR. DRT. IME. QME. 360 can quickly and accurately meet all your transcription needs. Our platform seamlessly integrates into your systems.

    $150 credit to new IME & QME clients

    FREE 1,000 lines and FREE EMR Interface for new Medical clients

    Read the results of the WebChartMD© study of structured data and how physician frustration can be reduced with increased use of unstructured data.

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    No job is too big or small! 360 can be your extra hands at the keyboard. We serve clients with timely, quality transcriptions—meetings, webinars, dissertations, casualty reports, depositions, witness testimonies, and more!

    FREE Audio Minutes for new Legal, Insurance, Business & general clients

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    Cost-Effective System

    Our customizable online system helps providers easily manage patient information.

    All-Inclusive Pricing

    Other companies charge for everything—not 360! We believe in value-added, affordable pricing. Click below to find out how you can save!

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360 Transcription — Your Top Choice for Expert Transcription Services

If you can write it or say it, 360 Transcription Corporation can transcribe it! In this fast-paced, tech-savvy world, 360 has partnered with our clients, applying the highest standards to our medical transcription services and business transcription services.

Our team can help you efficiently and securely get the most out of your EMR – EHR system. We are skilled at helping small- to mid-size practices juggle the demands of managing a heavy patient load while keeping up with health record requirements.

360’s time-tested processes and current technology increase the efficiency of your operations. We deliver your documents quickly using innovative, secure technology with 24/7 availability, fast turnaround (often same day!), and 99.5% accuracy.

Why 360?

Because our experience translates into these benefits for you:

  • Save Time—360 takes care of documenting the details of your work, so you can focus on your primary job.
  • Save Money—Instead of employing in-house transcriptionists and adding overhead costs to your operations, 360 makes it feel like we’re working right in your office!
  • Customize Your Success—360’s technology and processes are the most resourceful and timely ways to get your transcription done.
  • Be Confident—All 360’s processes adhere to HIPAA and all privacy laws as well as maintaining secure connections. 360’s transcription audit and quality review process ensures accuracy that exceeds industry averages. Our sample reports show what we can do for you.
360’s Specialties
  • Medical Transcription—360 staff is proficient in medical terminology and understanding nuances of speech. We will be your partner in simplifying your dictation and transcription process.
  • IME & QME —360 communicates effectively with doctors to create comprehensive Independent Medical Examinations and Qualified Medical Examinations. Our transcriptionists can accurately combine dictations and reports generated by the investigative process.
  • EMR & EHR—360’s technology seamlessly integrates into your EMR & EHR systems. We have experience with major systems like Greenway, Centricity, Allscripts, McKesson, NextGen, and many others.
  • Business Transcription—360 supports businesses, agencies, and organizations by creating professional, accurate documents. See our comprehensive list of services.

360 offers FREE setup, phone-in dictation system, and technical support. Use our secure, online system to submit audio files. Record dictations using 360’s toll-free system or even your own iPhone! It’s that easy!