As healthcare proceeds to welcome Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR), Transcription Service experts have an increasingly integral role in capturing each individual patient’s account. It’s vital to have properly trained specialists managing this process of documentation. As with any business, employing the right people for the job directly translates into cost-effective and efficient operations.

Switch Transcription Services

Health Care as We Know It

An ordinary technology misconception is how installing such software (speech recognition software or electronic medical record systems, etc.) could eliminate transcriptionists as a cost-saving option. Speech recognition software and/or electronic medical records systems can’t replace transcription as healthcare documentation professionals are fundamental to the verification and auditing process that promotes integrity and quality of documentation.

Attempting to overcome this by deferring the responsibility to “self-editing” or to the shoulders of doctors ends in a.) higher costs from asking a $200/hr. physician to do what $20/hr. MTs can do and b.) eliminates a crucial “auditor” to make sure the information is accurate as it enters into the electronic medical filing system.

Synergistic Relationships

Not only do technological developments impact HIM processes, but in combination with the evolving compliance and regulatory demands and urges to reduce expenses, it can be hard just trying to stay on top of it all. Without concise and complete healthcare documentation, it’s impossible to move to ICD-10, reach core measures, secure clinical data mining to generate needed statistics, and offer quality patient care.

With more than a decade of experience in the field, 360 Transcription has offered healthcare documentation services to the healthcare industry. 360 Transcription’s services and technology supports exceptional electronic documentation that better drives the data hurdles your facility encounters, such as attaining Meaningful Use, getting ready for ICD-10, and maximizing patient interest.

360 Transcription’s unique integration of processes, services, and technology:

  • Lowers costs
  • Expedites turnaround time
  • Turns dictation into meaningful clinical data that aids the best patient outcomes
  • Curtails capital outlay

With the incoming premier of ICD-10, the specificity and volume of healthcare documentation will skyrocket. This is the opportunity to establish systems that support all other responsibilities the hospital/health system is upholding.

When is the right time to change Transcription Service Providers? Now.