360 partners with WebChartMD to make voice recognition option available for customers to use.

360 Transcription is a licensee with WebChartMD which is the platform 360 uses for control workload and for HIPAA-compliant transferring of audio and report documents. WebChart has been busy lately adding in new features on the portal and also creating a new mobile app. Since 360 is a licensee, all the new features are automatic to us.

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For instance, the below is a brand new feature for dictators to use if they are interested in using Voice Recognition instead of having us transcribe the report, we would simply edit the report for accuracy which would lower the overall cost to the dictators.

WebChartMD’s new workflow features allow healthcare providers to incorporate their Dragon Medical or other front-end speech recognition into their WebChartMD workflow.     This includes the ability to automatically route their speech-recognized draft document to 360 Transcription’s editing group who will read it over and make any necessary changes, and then will submit back to the dictator for signature. There is usually always something that needs corrected when using a voice recognition system since the system is not perfect. This is where 360’s editing/QA MT’s come in…but at half the price!

To see a five-minute demo of the new workflow, click here.

This feature will save the dictators money since they are only paying 360 for editing services and not 100% transcribing services.