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What Is an Independent Medical Exam Transcription?

An IME is an evaluation that is considered a complete review of the medical history of a patient. This global evaluation is performed by a physician who is not the primary care physician of the patient. This report has a legal component to it, and it is generally used to assess an injury that a patient sustained while at work or during an accident. This evaluation will help to determine if a patient will be eligible for temporary or permanent workers’ compensation. An independent medical evaluation can also be used in court to establish if a person will receive disability benefits.

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What does an IME include?

This global medical examination will generally include an in depth description of the patient’s medical treatment plan, and a complete medical examination. The evaluation examines whether further medical care is needed and it also determines if the patients’ damages are permanent. This medical evaluation also determines the degree of pain that the patient has suffered from and if s/he will continue to have serious pain and suffering because of the injury. The purpose of this evaluation is to give a determination about the degree of the patient’s injury or disability.

IME Transcription

IME transcription is needed in a variety of fields Such as acute care, oncology, physical therapy, cardiology, general medicine, and ambulatory care. An IME transcriptionist can work as an independent contractor, or a general employee. S/he should be a person who has gotten a certificate from a respectable medical transcription program. This person must be able to transcribe on a variety of platforms. An individual who works in medical evaluation transcription must have excellent transcription skills, and s/he must also be able to work in a team setting. In order to insure accuracy, IME transcriptionist generally work either as an editor or as a proofreader.

What to Look For in a Transcription Service

There are several companies that may offer transcription services, but they are not all equal. A reliable IME company is able to provide dictation at any time, and it will have a fast turnaround time. This company must have a platform that is safe and easily accessible to clients. Apart from that, this company should have a quality assurance department that proofreads and edits all of your reports before they are returned to you in order to assure accuracy.