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The Mind of a Medical Transcriptionist

transcriptionists way of life
Medical transcription is a field that is ever growing and changing. There was a time when transcriptionists only used their fingers and their minds to transcribe. While there is still a great deal of brain power involved in transcription, medical transcriptionists also have a variety of tools that they can use to help them to perfect their transcriptions. Medical transcriptionist transcribe the spoken work of health care providers. They are able to use technology to type with more speed and precision. A medical transcriptionist must be versed in medical terminology. Spelling and grammar are extremely important when it comes to transcription as well. Apart from that, a transcriptionist must also be able to correct grammar, punctuation and dictation errors of the health care provider. A transcriptionist must also comply with all of the procedures, policies and HIPPA regulations.

IME Transcription

An An Independent Medical Exam is an exam that a doctor does on a patient who may have been injured at work or in an accident. This is an exam that is not only extremely detailed, but it is of utmost importance. This is an exam that can be used by a patient or a company to prove or disprove a disability. IMEs are medical reports that can be used in a court of law as well, so every detail is reviewed with great care. Since these exams are so impactful, it is vital that they be transcribed by a transcriber who is versed in medical, legal, and insurance terminology. In that way, the documentation can be accurate and precise.

The Variety of a Transcriber

Technology allows transcribers to work in a variety of settings. They can work in a doctor’s office, their own office, at home, or on the go. As long as transcribers have their equipment with them, they can work from anywhere. Some medical facilities hire transcribers to work as staff transcribers, and savvy companies work with transcription staffing companies that can fill their transcription needs at any time. These are transcription companies that provide highly skilled and trained transcriptionists at an affordable rate. These transcriptionists work in a team in order to transcribe, proofread and edit in a timely manner. Quality transcriptionist carry out a vital role both in the healthcare and legal fields. They are able to use their skills and expertise to provide patients the benefits and health care that they deserve.