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Having physician or patient progress notes accurately documented into the system your office regularly uses is one of the more common and often very much appreciated perks associated with medical transcription services. But there are some other benefits associated with these services you may not immediately be aware of at the moment. Getting a clearer picture of the many ways such services can benefit you can help you determine whether or not working with a medical transcription company is the right option for you. Here’s a closer look at four of the unexpected benefits of professional medical transcription service.

medical team - benefits of medical transcription services

1. Reduced EHR Error Risk

Medical transcription is a fairly broad service that can include various forms of transcription, one of which is electric health record or EHR transcription. This means the data is entered into the system in a way that meets current electronic health record regulations and guidelines. A study reported by the Journal of Patient Safety found 90 percent of EHR errors involve medication and diagnostic errors. Having professional EHR assistance can reduce the risk of errors of this nature that could affect your practice or your patients.

2. Not Having to Worry about Added Software Costs

Whether it involves EHR transcription or other forms of medical transcription, such services are typically provided with the use of updated and higher-quality software the service provider uses. The benefit for your practice is not having to worry about investing in additional software for your office. The result can be fewer tech-based expenses on your part, which can be especially beneficial if your budget is tight or fairly limited.

3. No Extra Expenses for Expensive Dictation Equipment

Speaking of costs, you won’t have to invest in expensive dictation equipment just to take advantage of medical transcription service options. In fact, it’s often possible for expert transcriptionists to transfer data recorded on smartphones or tablets by medical professionals to the appropriate database. This gives medical staff much more flexibility with how notes are recorded.

4. Freed Up Storage and Office Space

By eliminating the need to keep paper versions of physician notes that need to be transcribed, you’ll be able to free up storage space in your office. This is something you can do by giving your medical staff the option is to use electronic devices – e.g., phones, tablets, etc. – for recording purposes for off-site transcriptionists. Even just eliminating a few file cabinets or creating a little extra shelf or drawer space can help make a smaller office run more efficiently and orderly.

Find a Solution Right for Your Needs

If you’re ready to consider working with a medical transcription company, now is a good time to explore your options and learn how these services could fit your needs and work within your budget. At the very least, you’ll be easing the burden on your office staff. At the same time, you’ll be allowing more time for patient interactions and care on a variety of levels, which is also good for everyone involved!