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Many doctors’ offices today are dealing with budget limitations and staffing issues to some extent. What this means is existing staff members are often stretched thin with even more duties to handle on a daily basis. If this is something you’re dealing with, take a moment to learn more about medical transcription service options that can be very much appreciated by your staff and your patients.

doctor taking notes - medical transcription services

What Is Medical Transcription?

Let’s start with a brief overview of what medical transcription is to give you a better idea of how such services can benefit your staff – and your patients, too! Medical transcription is, in a nutshell, the transfer of patient information or voice recordings made by physicians or other healthcare professionals into text-based documentation and entered into EHR/EMR systems to maintain EHR/EMR standards.

How Can Your Staff Benefit from This Service?

Even if you’re not having significant staff shortages at your office, practice, or facility, your employees can still benefit from medical transcription assistance. One of these benefits is not having the added duty of transcribing patient notes that may be written by hand or voice recorded. And with voice recordings, transcription can usually be done from any commonly used device, including handheld mobile devices like iPhones or iPads.

Also, your staff will be able to maintain compliance with electronic health records (EHR) requirements by ensuring patient-sensitive information is properly stored in a digital format. On a related note, transcription can often be done in way that accommodates any electronic medical record system you may be using. Plus, it’s typically possible for the transcribed info to be stored in any document format for added convenience, which improves ease of access for anyone on your staff authorized to access patient-related information.

How Will Your Patients Benefit?

Your patients can benefit from medical transcription service as well. Because your staff will be able to devote more time to patient-specific concerns and needs. For example, you may be able to reduce wait times in your waiting room and streamline the process of welcoming patients and wrapping up office visits. Patients can also benefit from medical transcription that’s outsourced to a reliable service provider due to:

  • More accurate physician notes and instructions
  • Easy access to transcribed information when there’s a need to clarify what was said during a recent visit
  • More attention from office/practice staff when coming in for in-person visits

Additional Medical Transcription Perks

If patients aren’t dealing with errors or oversights that may be related to unintentional documentation mistakes on your part, your practice will also benefit from an added boost in reputation. In turn, this can be good for your online and digital marketing or engagement efforts. What’s more, medical transcription services can be tailored to your specific transcription-related priorities and needs. Such services can also be suitable for your budget since you’re often able to customize your options and only pay for what you need.