It might be odd that a company providing medical transcriptionists is giving you tips to save money, but our purpose at 360 Transcription is to offer you the kind of service that makes you want to tell your colleagues about us—can’t go wrong with a win/win scenario!

save money on medical transcription services

Develop a Style Guide—or Let us at 360 Transcription Handle it!

Style guides cover the basics, including standard margins or font style and size. It also instructs your transcriptionist to set up the document by your specifications. When you want drug allergies to be highlighted, let us at 360 Transcription know when you give us a call.

A common style choice after a heading is whether you want the transcriptionist to keep typing on the same line, the line below or insert a new line under the heading.

One more element you could consider is how second-page headers and footers should be formatted. It’s good to send numerous examples of your consult letters (with patient information blacked out or removed) for us to see how you’d like your letters stylized.

Audio Quality

When your audio recording quality is lacking, it can often take more time to transcribe a document—requiring addition edit measures. Be sure any background noise is minimal or absent. Wait a moment before turning the page in a patient’s chart—rustling can interfere with the quality of your audio. You’ll save more money on transcription services the more your audio quality is easy to follow.


This is not something that’s controllable, but speaking at moderate speeds makes for faster transcriptions. Let us at 360 Transcription know and we’ll ensure we transcribe verbatim or fix run-on sentences and grammar for any order.


We’ve left the best for last, as it’s the tip that’ll save you the most on your medical transcription services. Ask us how we at 360 Transcription can support your templates. When you have standard letters or reports, creating a template for each of them can be a smart choice.

Templates are as straightforward as setting out the headings you normally dictate, formatting your SOAP notes or fixing up whole paragraphs you usually dictate—like patient information for the risks of a certain procedure.

At 360 Transcription, we help to create templates with your needs in mind. Call us at 877-360-8726 today to try out 1000 lines for free if you’re a new client!