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About Medical Transcription

Medical Transcriptionists have an exciting career that requires much skill and practice. Transcription involves transcribing information from spoken recordings. These are recordings that are done by medical professionals. These recordings can include medical reports, lectures or information about patient’s visits. Transcriptionists must be adept when it comes to medical terminology, punctuation, grammar and spelling. Apart from that, a terminologist has to have great listening and typing skills. Medical transcriptionists use a variety of equipment to carry out their work. They use computers to type, listening devices, digital recording systems, and speech recognition technology.

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How Do Medical Transcriptionist Work

A medical transcriptionist can have much flexibility when it comes to his place of work. He may work at a home office, in a clinic, in a hospital, or he may work in an office at a medical center. A transcriptionist can work for an institution, or he can work for an agency. Generally, medical professionals record the information for the transcriptionist, and the transcriptionist will transcribe the report. Once the report is finished, the transcriptionist will proofread it for accuracy. Once all errors have been corrected, he will send it to the doctor for review, and then it will be put into the patient’s file.

Where do IMEs stand

An Independent Medical Exam or IME is a medical exam that is done on an individual who has been injured on-the-job or in an accident. This individual may be seeking compensation, and she needs to prove that her injuries require treatment, or that she is entitled to compensation or disability. With an IME, a physician does a complete and thorough exam of the patient. IMEs are often used in courts of law, so when a professional transcriptionist is transcribing an IME, he has to have an in depth knowledge of legal terminology as well.

What about MT Training

In order to become a medical transcriptionist training is required. Transcription training generally last between 18 months to 24 months. A person can get MT training online as well. This education involves transcription, anatomy, typing, editing skills, training on listening and simultaneous typing. It is not always necessary for a person to attain a diploma or certificate in order to work as a medical transcriptionist, but highly trained transcriptionist are always preferred.

Why Choose Transcription

Medical transcriptionists perform a vital role in the health care sector. Transcriptionists can work on a flexible schedule, and they can even work at home. The skills that a transcriptionist must build up are useful in a variety of careers, and the more experience that a transcriptionist has, the more valuable he becomes. Courses for medical transcriptionists are affordable, and they are flexible as well. Transcription is a great career for you if you like the medical field and you are a detail oriented person.