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360 Transcription provides a wide variety of medical transcription services to hospitals. We offer precise service with integrity and excellence. The employees we hire are qualified to handle any transcription need for your facility. The full-service transcription service we confer enables hospitals to direct their attention to achieving outstanding patient care.

hospital medical transcription

Why Should Hospitals Use Transcriptions?

We’re a dependable company that takes pride in our hospital medical transcription work. Many benefits are available for those who take advantage of a service like this. In-house medical transcription can be expensive when you add up the necessary employee training and equipment needed. An outsourced service provides you with:

  • Expert guidance — our company has a thorough hiring process, enabling us only to retain the most suited transcriptionists for your organization. You can trust that you’re working with skilled experts.
  • Saves the most money — when you consider all the additional costs of filling out transcriptions in-house, outsourcing saves the most amount of money.
  • Turnaround speed — our focus on business and medical transcriptions allow us to give you what you really need. We’re specialized in this industry, so our turnaround times are faster than anywhere else.
  • Extra time and convenience — after your notes are recorded, all that’s needed is to simply upload and send them to us! This also promotes record accuracy, as there will be more time free to care for patients.

Guaranteed High-Quality Medical Transcription

A well-run hospital is much more than a job. Many unrecorded hours are spent making sure patients are satisfied with the care they receive. This also includes completing extensive documentation.

Allow 360 Transcription to Take Care of Your Medical Transcription Needs

If you’re currently looking for the right medical transcription provider, search no more! When your transcription demands are outsourced to a company like us, we’ll be able to open up your doctors and staff to serve the hospital’s best interests. You won’t need to concern yourself with investing in multiple hospital resources to set up in-house scribes. We realize that hospital physicians might only have rare moments to transcribe each day. This is where we at 360 Transcription would handle:

  • Mitigating backlogs — how many patients you’ll be receiving at your hospital is variable. We’ll help you avoid getting caught up in record-keeping.
  • Full or partial outsourcing — you can pick and choose which files you need to be transcribed.
  • Peace of mind — when you choose a company like us, you can rest assured knowing that our transcriptionists are specialists. They’re committed to presenting world-class results.
  • Saving the Providers Time — We enter/place the transcription into the patient chart within the hospital EHRs since this is the current method for most all hospitals, and is an additional step for us that we do to save the providers time.

Contact 360 Transcription right away to get started with your quality hospital medical transcription. We’re happy to make accommodations and we look forward to speaking with you!