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The Mind of a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcription is an exciting field that is saturated with qualified individuals. In order to become a medical transcriptionist, schooling is required. The schooling equips an individual with the skills that she needs to be an excellent transcriptionist. In reality, schooling is only the first part. In order to be a qualified transcriptionist, one must put in the work. A transcriptionist who is highly who is highly qualified is one who has a wealth of experience, and she has also honed in on her skills in order to set herself apart in such a competitive field. In order to do that, she improves on medical terminology, she practices simultaneous listening, she improves on her typing skills, and she also stays up to date with the latest technology in translation.

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Where do Transcriptionist Work?

Medical transcriptionist can work in a variety of locations. Some transcriptionist work in clinics and or hospitals. These transcriptionist have their own offices in the facilities where they work, and they are in close contact with the health care professional who they transcribe for. Working at an establishment is beneficial because the transcriptionist does not have to take much time from the provider if she has to clarify any misunderstandings in the transcription. There are staff transcriptionists who work from home as well. These transcriptionist are still in close contact with colleagues who are working in the healthcare establishment, but they work remotely. Lastly, there are transcriptionist who work for agencies. These are generally remote transcriptionists who receive assignments and work closely with their agencies and with clients.

What Else Do Transcriptionist Do?

Apart from transcription for healthcare, savvy transcriptionists are able to do IME transcription as well. An IME is an independent medical exam. This is an exam that is done for a patient who suffered from a loss that resulted in injury or incapacitation. The injured individual may be seeking compensation from work or from an insurance company. In order to investigate the cause of the loss, an IME may be done. This is a complete exam in order to assess the gravity of the injury and to find out if the claimant will receive compensation for the loss. This is an in depth exam that is generally done by a physician that the plaintiff has contracted. The information that is found in an IME may be used in a court of law. Since that is the case, transcriptionists who transcribe IME’s must have a full understanding of the legal and medical terms that may be stated in this report.

How Transcriptionists Navigate their Careers

Since the world of transcription is saturated, savvy transcriptionist continue to grow in their field. Whether they choose to work independently or for a company, they find ways to increase their income and explore their opportunities in the field.