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Recent research shows that poor technical services hamper client satisfaction in EHR companies. The technical services and software account support provided by the EHR and HIT vendors are not up to the mark, and 84% of the clients are not satisfied with it, according to a 2020 Black Book Research Survey.

hitech act


When the HITECH Act was passed in 2009, it motivated the healthcare sector to implement EHR and technical support in the United States. Ever since the Act, EHR has become predominant and been evolving with time. But according to the tech managers in high tech hospitals, the technology aspect of the EHR services is stale as it hasn’t kept up with the advancement of technology.

Doug Brown, President of Black Book Research, explained that the EHR vendors will succeed only by providing a proven and forward-thinking approach in their customer service as opposed to using old technology.

The Importance of Technical Support

In Black Book research, 90% of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) in the 2,448 EHR and HIT clients wanted multi-level technical support from the vendors. They also thought that technical support will be the key differentiator between the vendors in the next five years.

Over ninety percent of the clients in the research stated that they will not continue with their current vendor if the competitor offers superior technical support. Ninety-five (95%) percent of the clients further said they will buy only from the vendors who are trustworthy from a technical standpoint.

Eighty-eight (88%) percent added that technical support is a deal-breaker when buying services from a vendor, and only forty-four (44%) percent said that their technical support from the EHR vendor is up to international standards. Eighty (80%) percent of the client believe that it is now easy to change their EHR service provider than five years ago. It is clear that clients will pay more for better tech support from their EHR vendor.

Fast & Reliable Tech Support is Key

The research also found that the clients are upset with their vendor handing the support services to third party companies. Over 81% of the clients are not happy with the support provided by the third-party companies and prefer to contact their vendor for support than third party companies. To improve client retention and increase profit, the research provided different ways for the vendors to follow. The vendors should provide fast and reliable technical support to satisfy the clients. In addition to this, the vendors should better manage the workload and reduce downtime by using better-trained engineers. These solutions are reflected in the survey as 82% of the clients said they buy more from the vendor if their level of support is high.

Brown is confident that Healthcare tech support will see a dramatic change soon as technology continues to evolve. He also added that the nature of tech support and client services are being reshaped by healthcare technology.

Brown concluded that EHR companies can stay ahead of their competition by investing in educating their technical team as it is also a part of the overall client strategy. It ensures the clients get effective technology service no matter the technology issues.