Medical transcription isn’t just limited to doctors. In fact, medical transcription services can be just as beneficial for anyone working in the legal or insurance professions. Today, we’re putting a spotlight on medico-legal transcription by pointing out three reasons you may need this service for your legal practice or insurance business.

medico-legal - transcription services

1. You Have a Personal Injury Practice

If you deal with personal injuries on a regular basis, you likely deal with independent medical evaluations and assessments. Oftentimes, doctor assessing personal injuries make their observations in the form of audio files. If you end up receiving audio files, it can be helpful to have those files transcribed into text that’s available via a convenient database. This is especially beneficial during court proceedings or hearings.

2. You Assess Injury-Related Insurance Claims

It’s not always easy to catch discrepancies with insurance claims. Oftentimes, it’s the little things that end up discovering claims-related issues requiring further attention and investigation. With medico-legal transcription, text can be analyzed to determine if there are any issues. This ultimately benefits you by catching fraudulent or questionable claims. Even if a claim isn’t questionable, having everything that’s in audio format transcribed and entered into a database makes it easier to process claims.

3. You Need to Put Client Audio Files in Order

Some law firms and insurance companies collect an assortment of medical information for clients or ongoing cases over the years. If this applies to you, it can be helpful to have various legal and insurance information recorded in audio format transcribed. Doing so also makes it easier to put everything in chronological order. We receive up to 30+ audio files and transcribe them on an ongoing basis so we’ll hold our reports until they are completed. This is useful for the purpose of tracking the history of various claims and cases so all files are correct and in date order. At the very least, you’ll have a more organized database, which comes in handy if you need to quickly access previous cases or claims.

Find Medico-Legal Transcription Services Right for Your Needs Today

As you can see, medical transcription is just as beneficial if you work in certain aspects of the insurance industry or the legal profession. If this applies to you, contact us to learn more about the medico-legal transcription options available for your consideration. One of the many added perks of transcription service is that you can get the assistance you need only when it’s needed – like when you have a heavy case load.