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Medical facilities were undividedly reliant upon paper records not too long ago. Nurses and physicians recorded every note manually, filing all the papers into filing systems that took up way too much space—all while transferring insurance and billing records via snail mail or in person.

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We’re lucky to have the technology that allows us in the medical industry to eliminate more paper and mail by transferring every piece of information over to electronic medical records (EMRs). These kinds of records let you exercise the capacity to handle all of the billing and documentation responsibilities directly on a tablet or computer. Allow us to show you the top signs that your EMRs aren’t as operationally sound as they should be and what you can do to fix it.

Your Time is More Often Spent on the Computer Than With Patient Visits

Faster and more enhanced documentation is one factor that your EMR should be providing your doctors. When the staff invests more time into the trivial pursuit of punching numbers into computers and not that much on visiting with patients, this is a clear indication that your EMRs aren’t running how they should. Due to the reason that care for patients is so vital to your doctors, it is probable that they’ll overlook this nuisance while they’re visiting—meaning more work is put in overtime to take care of patient documentation. The extra effort isn’t being put to good use and may send your doctors into a state of burnout or fatigue.

Your Provider is not Charging You at a Flat Fee

When you notice yourself needing to handle hidden fees or taking in arbitrary billing receipts from your EMR provider, it’s a potential sign that your EMR is not adequate for your work. After dealing with everything that goes into securing highly-effective EMRs, more unexplained charges are the last thing you’d want to deal with. It might be time to think above your options for providers when this is occurring in your practice.

360 Transcription Only Works With the Best!

At 360 Transcription, your EMRs are seamlessly incorporated into our systems in order to offer you transcriptions of the utmost precision to keep track of vital patient data. A group of highly specialized transcriptionists will allow your patients’ files to be as complete as possible. Your physicians won’t need to spend the time and energy working through EMR software.