Speech Recognition Editing

360 Transcription can be your expert provider for speech recognition editing. 360 can help improve the quality and accuracy of your transcribed documents whether you currently use a speech recognition system or need 360 to provide the platform. With our English language expertise, the editing moves quickly. 360’s turnaround time will exceed your expectations!

How It Works

360’s speech recognition editing process is easy:

  1. The physician dictates patient notes into an audio file.
  2. The audio file processes through the speech recognition server (either yours or 360’s). 360 interfaces with the system to download the text and audio file.
  3. 360’s expert quality team listens to the audio file, making the necessary changes to the text.
  4.  The final document is returned to the client.

360 Editing Expertise

Our language specialists thoroughly review your documents for correct usage and errors in the following areas:

  • Spelling
  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Typographical mistakes (extra spaces, duplicate words, etc.)
  • Style and format inconsistencies (headings, margins, alignment, font usage, table format, etc.)
  • Consistent use of names/titles, terms, dates, etc.
  • Grammar errors (subject/verb agreement, use of contractions, etc.)
  • Word choice and usage of numbers, acronyms, abbreviations, hyphenation, etc.
  • Sentence structure, flow of ideas at sentence/paragraph level, sequence of text/topics

360 will be your partner in optimizing the use of your speech recognition system. We will combine our skill in editing transcribed documents with your need to produce the most accurate and professional documents possible. Our staff is ready to create the solution that best suits your needs and increases the efficiency of your business operations.

$150 credit to new IME & QME clients

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