EMR Transcription and Integration

FREE 1,000 lines and FREE EMR Interface for new Medical clients

Need help maximizing the productivity of your EMR or EHR system? 360 Transcription’s team of documentation experts can help you efficiently and securely get the most out of your system.

We offer an extensive array of approaches to support your workflow. 360 is especially skilled at helping small- to mid-size practices juggle the demands of managing a heavy patient load while keeping up with health record requirements.

360 = Your Virtual Office Assistant

You have so many patients to see each day. They should be your priority, but time is taken away by all the “paperwork.” 360’s transcriptionists can help.

Like with all our transcription services, we provide 24/7 fast turnaround at the highest accuracy rate and are experts at medical terminology. Our team provides support for all providers in your office, the office manager, billing personnel, and other staff by handling any type of work related to your patient’s EMR – EHR.

360 Transcription can:  

  • Work directly, securely and accurately in your EMR or EHR system.
  • Integrate seamlessly into all EMR – EHR systems. Here’s just a few! Medical Manager – Sage Practice Management, CPSI – Evident, PrognoCIS, HealthFusion MediTouch, AdvancedMD, Meditech Client Server, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, LeonardoMD – Virtuoso – Renaissance, NextGen – athenahealth, Centricity, McKesson Paragon, WebPT, Epic, GreenWay – Primesuite
  • Improve record accuracy, and your bottom line, by not only transcribing a report but checking to see that each patient service has an ICD-10 code. We work closely with you to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Communicate professionally with medical providers and office staff to clarify discrepancies in a patient’s report. We can easily use the EMR – EHR system’s messaging function to keep all patient details secure and maximize workflow production.
  • Work with any template you have or develop system-compatible templates for you. We can transcribe directly into these templates to ensure a superior product.
Build Your Own Solution

360 can play an integral part in your EMR or EHR solution for your medical practice. Our technical capabilities offer you customized options at an affordable price. 360 can work directly in your EMR or EHR system, you can use our online transcription platform, or we can create a manual workflow specific to your needs.

How can 360 maximize the output of your system?

  • 360’s technology easily integrates voice capture, transcription workflow, and importing documents directly into your EMR – EHR system. We can also add dictations and do other data entering via remote connection.
  • Are you on the go? Send your dictation to 360 using a smartphone app or phone-in service. Our staff quickly transcribes the information into a Microsoft Word® document and add details to the patient visit within the EMR-EHR.
  • When 360’s transcription audit and quality review is complete, we finish the file directly in your EMR – EHR system. If we have an interface built to your system, we can upload the finished file immediately or after you review and e-sign. We can ensure that a backup copy is archived online.

We will be your strategic service provider whether you are a specialist handling a patient’s single EMR or a medical office providing health-related information for your patient’s comprehensive EHR. No matter what your solution, 360’s transcriptionists will enhance your office’s productivity.


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