Medical Transcription Online

Why bother learning new technology? 360’s online medical transcription services provide the best advantage for our clients with 24/7 secure online access. We help you get started with free setup and free training with easy-to-use materials. You will have a dedicated account manager who provides ongoing support and ensures that you have the best possible experience with 360’s skilled transcriptionists and online system.

$150 credit to new IME & QME clients

FREE 1,000 lines and FREE EMR Interface for new Medical clients

Using our innovative software, you can manage all documents online (from almost any internet-capable computer) with a few mouse clicks. Because your documents are saved online indefinitely, you can access them anytime. Need turnaround in 4 hours or less? 360’s expert transcriptionists are available 24/7 to meet your practice’s demands.

24/7 Online Medical Transcription Services Access — Fast and Easy!

online medical transcription services

Step 1: Dictate and Submit

Like our conventional medical transcription services, you can easily dictate patient information using a digital handheld recorder or by phone using a toll-free number. Submitting your files to a secure 360 Transcription site is simple:

medical transcription services

  • If using a recorder, plug it into your PC and click to upload the files.
  • If dialing our toll-free number, choose options via the keypad and hang up to send the files immediately.
Step 2: Transcribe

In addition to 360’s experience and proficiency, our online platform provides our transcriptionists with behind-the-scenes processes. This system is “hidden” to our clients but builds efficiencies that guarantee fast and accurate service.

Step 3: Transcription Audit and Review

360’s online platform speeds up our transcription audit and quality review by automatically routing transcribed files between the transcriptionist and reviewer. This allows necessary edits to be completed quickly and further ensures 360’s accuracy that exceeds industry standards.

Step 4: Online Medical Transcription Access

No more than 24 hours from your dictation, your transcribed files are available online. If you review your documents and aren’t 100% satisfied, you can quickly return those files to us with your comments for the transcriptionist’s immediate attention. You and your office staff can then view the summary demographics, edit, print, search/sort, e-fax, mark dictations as STAT, and archive — all online! Providers can have an electronic signature to ensure authentication.

Your office also benefits from the technology’s built-in efficiencies and a full suite of reporting capabilities featuring critical management information such as productivity, costs, and turnaround times. For added peace of mind, 360 Transcription stores your files in our archive system indefinitely. Lost a file? Just call us! Learn more about easy-to-use online medical transcription platform features!

EMR Transcription

360 systems bring together all the strengths of our transcription team and your EMR system. Our technology easily integrates voice capture, transcription workflow, and importing completed documents into your system. Learn more about how our EMR transcription services can be an integral part of your EMR system.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

360 communicates effectively with doctors to create comprehensive IMEs. Our transcriptionists can accurately combine dictations and reports generated by the investigative process.