Conventional Medical Transcription Services

medical transcription services

It’s That Simple!

Conventional medical transcription services are a tried-and-true 360 method. You can either access our toll-free number or use a handheld recorder with your current internet connection to send dictations between your office and ours.

$150 credit to new IME & QME clients

FREE 1,000 lines and FREE EMR Interface for new Medical clients

Step 1: Dictate and Submit

You can easily dictate patient information using a digital handheld recorder or by phone using a toll-free number. Submitting your files to a secure 360 Transcription site is simple:

  • If using a recorder, plug it into your PC and watch the files upload automatically.
  • If using a toll-free number, hang up to send the files immediately.
Step 2: Transcribe

360 Transcription’s experience and proficiency ensures fast service and accurate medical transcription services in your preferred format.

Step 3: Transcription Audit and Review

Transcribed files are sent for 360’s transcription audit and quality review. The transcriptionist quickly completes any necessary edits, further ensuring a level of accuracy that exceeds industry standards.

Step 4: Return and Store

No later than 24 hours from the time you submit your dictations, 360’s system automatically downloads completed files to a designated folder on your office PC. At your convenience, you can retrieve the files, store, and print for your patient’s chart. For added peace of mind, 360 Transcription stores your medical transcription files in our archive system for ten years. Lost a file? Just call us!