HIPAA Compliance and Security

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360 Transcription is HIPAA compliant and committed to protecting your patient’s rights to privacy and to keeping all client correspondence confidential. 360 Transcription complies with all HIPAA regulations especially concerning the secure transfer of medical documents. We adhere strictly to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974. All 360 transcriptionists are trained on confidentiality policies, compliance laws and regulations, and 360 security protocols.

360’s management team continually reviews all security policies and protocols regarding access, storage, and transmission of information. 360 grants remote access to employees based on their job function and only after the proper training on security issues. We assess our currently used technologies for efficient and secure transmission of all files. All transcription work performed by 360 transcriptionists is completed on PCs running up-to-date software for virus protection, firewall/internet security, and encryption protocols.