Medical Transcription Audit and Quality

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360’s transcription audit is a comprehensive process to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our Operations Manager (OM) ensures adequate and consistent staffing on all accounts, selecting transcriptionists whose skills are compatible with our client’s specialties. The OM communicates regularly with clients regarding document quality, including use of client templates and meeting report requirements. She is readily available to our staff to answer questions, listen to full audio files or a portion of a file, and to clarify issues regarding a particular dictation. She is supported by other highly experienced 360 transcriptionists in this process.

Quality Assurance Review

Under the leadership of our Quality Assurance Managers (QA managers), 360 conducts the following quality assurance review on all transcribed reports:

  1. When medical transcription services begin for a new client, the QA Manager proofs every report for accuracy and content (status “100% QA”) until the reports consistently reach at least 99.5% accuracy. This process does not impact 360 turnaround times.
  2. While a transcriptionist is at status “100% QA,” the QA manager proofs each report in its entirety by comparing the complete audio file with the typed text. Each edited report is returned to the transcriptionist with color-coded markups for easy readability as well as thorough explanations the changes made. This detail is provided for training purposes and the transcriptionist is expected to learn from and apply better practices from the corrections.
  3. The QA Manager must see steady improvement of each transcriptionist’s accuracy on each document in order for the transcriptionist to be maintained on the account. If no improvements are seen after approximately one week and the QA Manager is correcting the same errors, the transcriptionist will be removed from the account and replaced with another transcriptionist.
  4. After the transcriptionist has reached and maintained 99.5% accuracy, she will continue to send all reports for a period of approximately two weeks to the QA Manager for proofreading (without audio), filling in blanks, and answering all questions. If the transcriptionist has little or no difficulty transcribing for a particular physician after that time, she will be instructed to send reports to the QA Manager only when needing clarification or assistance. The QA Manager will contact the client representative with questions only when necessary.

To maintain ongoing quality control, the QA manager pulls random reports as a part of each transcriptionist’s monthly performance review. The platform computer setting can be set to route a percentage of reports to the QA Manager’s queue (approximately 10-20% or whatever the QA Manager deems appropriate) or the QA manager may pull a set amount of files randomly from the transcriptionist for transcription audit.

In the rare event there is a question about the dictation notes that cannot be solved by 360 staff, the QA Manager will be responsible for contacting our client representative (by phone or email) prior to uploading the finished text. The QA Manager will also notify this person if any dictation is substantially or completely inaudible, incomplete, or has an incorrect work type.

Every 360 transcriptionist is required to read the 360 Transcription Book of Style and 360 Transcription Site Manual. The Book of Style is written specifically for 360 staff and incorporates AHDI’s standards and the company’s transcription standards. The Site Manual is a compilation of instructions for every 360 transcriptionist detailing specific 360 client standards including report formats and sample reports, a list of all dictators and information about their dictation style, frequency of dictation, specific terminology for the specialty of medicine practiced, and any detailed information to help ease of transcription and accuracy of reports.