Free Trials – All-Inclusive Pricing

Why pay other transcription companies extra money when you can pay 360 Transcription ONE LOW per unit price that includes these valuable benefits?

FREE Setup for New Clients

360 staff will support you throughout the entire setup process. All client PCs will undergo a free automatic system audit to ensure your computers meet system requirements. All setup services included in your low, per-line price!

FREE Training for New Clients

360 will train your staff and provide easy-to-use training materials. If you need additional support, live (web-based) training courses are offered. Managers receive additional training to use management reports and costing tools. All training is included in your low, per-line price!

FREE Dictation Services via 360’s Toll-Free System

Using your own secure access PIN, submit your dictations 24/7 from anywhere in the U.S. Personalize your dictation experience with many flexible features—customizable keypad, initial greeting, dictate with append, dictate with overwrite, pause, rewind, and more!

FREE Unlimited Technical Support

360 provides phone support during extended business hours as well as live online support. We are committed to quickly resolving any question or system issue you have. All tech support is included in your low, per-line price!

FREE Transcription Report Faxing Services

Designate your recipient in the dictation. 360 faxes your report as part of your low, per-line price!

$150 credit to new IME & QME clients

FREE 1,000 lines and FREE EMR Interface for new Medical clients

FREE Audio Minutes for new Legal, Insurance, Business & general clients