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The Work of a Medical Transcriptionist

A career in the healthcare industry can be fulfilling and rewarding. There are a variety of careers that you can choose from if you are interested in working behind the scenes in the medical field. Transcription offers you the opportunity to work with doctors and other healthcare providers. A medical transcriptionist edits and renders reports that are dictated by healthcare professionals. Healthcare providers are on an extremely tight schedule, since that is the case, they are not able to note all of their patient’s medical information. In order to give patients excellent care and assure that all of their information is precise, medical transcriptionists are needed. After the medical professionals dictate their summaries, the medical transcriptionist transcribes, edits, corrects and finalizes the transcription in order for the document to be put into the patient’s record.

Find The Right Medical Transcriptionist

Training for Medical Transcriptionists

In order for an individual to work as a professional transcriptionist, she must receive some type of formal training. This training can last anywhere from 18 months to 2 years. In order to obtain a certificate or diploma in medical transcription, a person must prove that she is skilled at medical terminology, simultaneous listening and typing, editing, proofreading, and she must be able to quickly and appropriately use the transcription equipment.

The Value of Transcription in Independent Medical Evaluations

IME transcription is highly valuable in both the medical and legal fields. An independent medical exam is a concise exam that is done on an individual who is injured at work or in an accident. IMEs can be used by individuals, companies, and even the government. They can prove the extent of a person’s injury, and they can support or disprove a legal case. Because of the sensitive nature of IME, it is of utmost importance that only qualified and experienced medical transcriptionist work on these type of medical exam reports.

Only Work with the Best

There are several companies that offer transcription services, but all of these companies are not created equal. If your company is looking for a transcription company, then you do well to do your homework. You want to work with a transcription company that only contracts with experienced and trained professionals. It should be a company that has a long history of quality transcription, and it must be a company that offers rates that are reasonable and fair to both the transcriptionist and you.