Audio Transcription Rates

FREE Audio Minutes for new Legal, Insurance, Business & general clients

360 Transcription provides affordable general transcription services without confusing transcription rate structures and “extra” charges. Our skilled staff handles transcription challenges as part of their routine daily work, not as a way to charge you more for our services. These “glitches” in your audio are already included in our low prices, a free service from 360 to you:

  • Verbatim Transcription—We can include non-verbals (ums, ahs, stutters) at your request.
  • Background noise, low or inaudible voices, and poor recording quality—If a part of your audio cannot be deciphered, we will leave that portion blank and mark it with a time stamp for your easy review.
  • Thick or heavy accents.
  • Scientific, medical, and/or other terminology requiring.
Transcription Price Per Audio Minute
Turnaround Time
$1.25Extended (3 days and over)
$1.50Standard (24-48 hours)
$2.00Rush (12 hours)
Number of Speakers 
$0.001-2 Speakers
$0.253 or more speakers is an additional charge per minute

FORMULA to calculate an estimated cost
(turnaround time price + speaker number price) x audio minutes = estimated cost

EXAMPLE 1: Standard Turnaround Time with 1-2 Speakers
$1.50 x 60 = $90.00 estimated

EXAMPLE 2: Rush Turnaround Time with 3+ Speakers
($2.00 + $0.25) x 60 = $135.00 estimated