Business Transcription Audit and Quality

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360 Transcription is proud to offer our clients a proven transcription audit that ensures your documents complete a quality assurance review and are the most accurate possible. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Managers are readily available to answer questions and clarify specific dictation issues.

360 transcriptionists consistently meet or exceed our company’s 99.5% accuracy rating. They are required to utilize the 360 Transcription Site Manual, a compilation of instructions detailing specific client standards including:

  • Report formats
  • Terminology specific to your business specialty
  • Frequency of dictation
  • Details about individual dictation styles
  • Special instructions regarding your transcription, such as time codes or verbatim transcription

Whether your project is large or small, needed every week or once a year, our transcription audit service delivers finished, transcribed documents that satisfy all 360 quality and accuracy standards!