System Features

$150 credit to new IME clients FREE 1,000 lines and FREE EMR Interface for new Medical clients

Report Options & Customization

360 Transcription offers expertise in delivering transcription in multiple report formats. We produce reports in Microsoft Word that meet client format requirements as well as specialized formats that closely replicate client letterhead.

Reports can include the following information: patient name, social security number and/or medical record number, type/title of report as dictated by author/user, dictation date and time, author’s name, transcription date and time, and initials of ID number of the transcriptionist.

Helpful Screen Design

WebChartMD© captures demographics from the reports during the upload process via a parsing tool. The report(s) and key information displays in the client’s Inbox Folder for immediate review by providers and staff. The following is a sample screen shot of what users will see online:


View Only Read-only access to documents for selected staff.
Edit With 360’s unique asynchronous document editing capability, users can open as many documents as they wish from the website, make changes as needed and save all documents back to their online account.
Combined Open Highlight individual or batches of documents and combine all into one continuous document. Perfect for clients who use adhesive paper.
Download Download single or batches of documents to a local computer and specified file location.
Print Envelopes & Copies Highlight rows in their inbox and print #10 envelopes and recipient copies for all cc’d recipients.
Print/Autoprint Selected/Batch Documents Autoprint to specified printers/trays.
eSign (Providers Only) Electronically sign approved documents.
Fax/Autofax Sophisticated faxing system offers manual or auto-faxing of single or multiple documents.
Reject Route documents back to the transcriptionist with comments for reworking.
Finalize/Archive Move documents out of the inbox and into the final folder for ongoing storage and archiving.
Search/Sort Because documents are never removed from online accounts, clients can access all documents that have been dictated/transcribed.
CC Review/Folder Send courtesy copies electronically to other providers using this folder instead faxing or mailing.