Protecting PHI

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WebChart MD© provides a HIPAA-compliant environment for document and audio file access and storage. All web traffic is sent over a 128-bit encrypted SSL channel. All dictations and documents are stored in an encrypted form in the database. A 256-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption scheme is used to accomplish this.

User Permissions & Audit Trail

Dictation Audit Table - Protecting PHIAll user access to patient data is limited by user access levels set by the 360 Project Manager or client. Each access is captured and recorded in an audit trail specific to each report. The audit trail captures date and time of access as well as username and name of the user who requested access.

Facility Control

The User Manager section (see right) allows the client to add users, remove users, change user roles, change user details, change user passwords, and change user line count settings. Additionally:

Protecting PHI

  • File and report access permission to be set up by each facility.
  • The client can:
    • Assign permission to each user.
    • Assign access rights/permissions to providers to review their own jobs.
    • Assign user names/passwords for providers allowing access to WebChartMD.
    • Access all jobs for the facility.