Emerging Technology

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WebChartMD© constantly invests in new technologies that enable our clients to provide better care to their patients. Our innovative technology solutions save you time and money.

Voice Recognition

WebChartMD has partnered with M*Modal, a leader in voice recognition software, to deliver a back-end voice recognition solution for medical providers and healthcare facilities.

360 clients can be more productive using M*Modal—our transcriptionists become skilled editors capable of handling increased volumes of work.

Telephone Dictation Platform

360 Transcription understands that physicians don’t have time to re-learn IDs and key codes when dictating by telephone. WebChartMD’s solution for telephone dictation can duplicate virtually every keypad command and workflow sequence of your current system including IDs and PINs.

You can customize the provider’s dictation experience with many flexible features—initial greeting on call pickup, sequence of required data (user ID, PIN, medical record number, etc.), dictate with append and/or overwrite, pause, rewind, and go to beginning/end. All functions can also be mapped to custom keys.

Using this web-based, pay-as-you-go system, you can save one by ending hardware and maintenance contracts. Providers can also dictate from their smartphones, eliminating more phone costs.

Partial Dictation

EHR template features and drop-down menus can be useful for gathering some types of patient information. However, most providers find many systems do not provide an easy way to document complex, clinical information that captures vital patient details.

WebChartMD offers Partial Dictation—the ability to capture a provider’s context-rich patient information while using EHR templates to document other sections. The Partial Dictations are sent for transcription and interfaced right back into the patient’s electronic chart upon completion. Utilizing this feature, WebChartMD can help you reduce transcription costs up to 80%.