Business Transcription Steps

Business Transcription Steps

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Because 360 knows each business client is unique, our staff is dedicated to providing efficient, individualized options for submitting your project work. The following steps outline 360’s easy process for your transcription needs. 

Submit Your Business Transcription Project — Easy as 1-2-3!

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Step 1: Register

Contact Kris Girardi using the best method for you:

Your 360 account manager will work with you on activating your account and setting up the most convenient way to submit your project.

Step 2: Upload and Submit

360 makes this process easy for our clients by offering different ways for you to submit your project including:

  1. Send your audio file in any format to 360 via email or by uploading your document to 360’s secure FTP site. 
  2. Dictate your project by phone using a toll-free number. Hang up and your files will be submitted automatically to the secure 360 FTP site. The phone-in system can be used from any phone but is only for one speaker projects.
  3. Have your project delivered to our office via the U.S. Postal Service or any major carrier.

Step 3: Transcribe

360 Transcription’s experience and proficiency ensures fast service and accurate business transcriptions in your preferred format. Our skilled transcriptionists can easily handle many challenges such as poor audio or low voices. We will closely follow any special instructions you provide. Our staff is available 24/7 to meet your required turnaround time.

Step 4: Transcription Audit and Review

Transcribed files are sent for 360’s audit and quality review, a valuable service already included in our transcription rate. The quality review transcriptionist will ensure that your special instructions are met and final edits are completed. These steps ensure a high accuracy rate, at least 99.5%! 

Step 5: Return

360 will return your project quickly—typically in less than 24 hours from receipt. Options for return include emailing the completed text files, uploading files to a secure FTP site (if privacy is paramount), or priority US mail. If changes are needed, 360 transcriptionists are on hand to quickly edit and return your revised file.